My very own Louis Vuitton collection

  1. Mostly are LV stuff. It has been my babies since late 2000 until now and more to come. A little bit of combination here and there too. I havent include my shoes collection yet. I still have some other bags back in other house (country). I will take some photos by mid next month. Stay tune! :roflmfao:


  2. Gorgeus! You should really post this in the LV collection thread!
  3. ok! thank u
  4. yummy:p
  5. Damier stands out really well... Nice!!! :biggrin:
  6. thank u john, i love ur collection 2 :graucho:
  7. lovely collection, thanks for sharing! :smile:
  8. Gong love!!! :heart:
    Awesome collection, love the sunnies :biggrin:
  9. mewlicious ... goong goong goong, shin shin shin ...!!!

    i have 3 exact dior glossy in red white black, i think im mad!
  10. Yes! Shin!! :love: Are you excited about season 2?! I can't believe it's taken so long :push:
  11. :shrugs: r u sure there is 2nd season? they replaced the whole cast for 2nd season, which gonna be released in feb 2007

    the reason why is only 1 cast member willing to return for 2nd season, the rest do not want to :crybaby:

    :roflmfao: lets go back to lv :p
  12. OMG gorgeous pieces!!
  13. Nice photos ... I love the Antigua Plate PM ... how much was it here and did you get the pink recently as I enquired about it at customer service and he had NO idea what I was talking about???
  14. You have a lovely collection...I loved your red epi speedy :love:

    Can't wait for more pics!
  15. awesome collection! see lots of shoes at the back too :biggrin: