My very monogram-free collection

  1. ...well for the most part. I love leather (as you can tell) and I love indie designers.

    Here's my Bulga collection:

    Second, up is a Botkier and a Hayden Harnett:

    Third, here's a few other of my bags:

    Coach ergo hobo (old style):

    Coach small gold hobo:

    And lastly, my assorted clutches and accessories:


    Oh, here's some action shots so you can get an idea of the size of the purses/handbags:


    ^Prada Satchel (which I couldn't find for the up close and purseonal shots.)

    I hope you like them as much as I do!
  2. Beautiful bags!
  3. :tup:
  4. Nice collection, MoMo! Glad someone else isn't into the monogram thing either! :yes:
  5. nice
  6. I really love your Bulga collection.
  7. I love the bulgas!! I am really hankering for one now....
  8. haha i avoid monograms too!

    love your bags, esp the first bulga

    thanks for the action shots too! that was a nice touch:tup:
  9. Momo, I adore your collection and the action shots REALLY show off those gems!
  10. Beautiful collection! I AM a monogram gal but can certainly appreciate the beauty of your collection!
  11. LOVE your bulgas!! Cute collection!
  12. nice collection!!! i love your gold hobo, framed wristlet, &silver wristlet! I love metallics!
  13. Great collection- they look good on you too!
  14. Nice collection!
  15. Great collection! You have awesome taste! :tup: