My very modest collection (but it makes me so happy! ^_^)

  1. Hello all!

    Here's my versy mosdest collection of bags! Not much, but I only buy the one I'm really mad about (otherwise I would be ruined)!

    I have a Dior Gaucho bag, a Dior white saddle bag (my very first acquisition!), a Balenciaga The City brown bag (my latest one, love it) and a Longchamp bag that I found so adorable! Plus, as a bonus, and to make you laugh, one of my favorite bag: my hiking Swedish brand bag! Hehehe!!!! :P
    dior-gaucho.jpg dior-sadle.jpg balenciaga.jpg longchamp.jpg hiking.jpg
  2. Your collection is wonderful!
  3. Love them all.....especially the first Dior
  4. Beautiful collection :smile:!
  5. Great collection! I love the Diors.
  6. I love the hiking bag!:nuts:
  7. Beautiful collection ... absolutely love the gaucho and the Bbag!
  8. Gorgeous collection! Love your gaucho!
  9. Love your Gaucho.
  10. Your Dior saddle is gorgeou! Very nice collection!
  11. Very nice!! Especially the first Dior!!
  12. All of your bags are wonderful. I think I like the Longchamp the best. Its super-unique. I super loves it.
  13. Modest? OMG!! You know it may be small but girl you have a different bag for every occasion that's what I call a smart collection.
  14. Love the Dior Saddle! Nice collection!
  15. Cute Diors!!