My very limited experience on Ebay...


May 1, 2008
So I started not long ago, buying one item and selling several on e-bay. Beforehand I read many threads here (thanks by the way) and there (web browsing) also learning by doing. Up to now...

Last time I put 3 items on e-bay, all three sold. One was won by a zero feedback newbie, one by a less than 100 feedbacks buyer, and the third one by a buyer with almost 10,000 positive feedbacks! So you can imagine my reaction... a bit worried for the first one, felt fine for the second and totally no-worry and scure for the last one.

And, guess what! After the bidding ended I got the payment INSTANTLY from the zero feedback buyer. She paid within 5 minutes and everything was great. Then the second buyer paid withint the window I stated in my item description (48 hours, thank you)

Now almost 3 days passed... nothing from my worry-free, 10,000 feedback buyer. No payment, no communication (I sent both an invoice and a reminder) I'm sure I'll get the payment within e-bay's 7 day window, but...

Anyway, this changes my pre-determined opinion. Maybe I'm just lucky to have great zero or low feedback number buyers.

I'm new, still so much more to learn!


Mar 10, 2008
Sometimes people with low feedback want to get feedback, so they are on their best behaviour. Some sellers with super high feedback, won't even email you back at all, I guess they have so much feedback that they don't have to try at all anymore?