My VERY Last Prada....well for the summer that is.

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  1. I finally completed my wish list! I've been wanting a red bag (got it: Prada), a white bag (chickened out on white and got an Ivory Peggy Gucci instead), a dark brown bag (LOVES! Prada) and TA DA! I finally found the perfect yellow Summer bag. It fits and sits perfectly on my shoulder, as all my Pradas do, but I can't pull off that "super model" bag on the shoulder look.

    Those adversed to raffia bags should avert their eyes. ;)


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  2. wow, it's perfect for summer!!! congrats!!
  3. Nice bag! I can smell the sunshine when I see it..a great bag for summer..congratulations!
  4. congrats, love the color.
  5. Thanks all! I forgot to add:
    IT'S LINED IN LEATHER!!! :yahoo:

    That's my favorite feature in ANY bag.
  6. That is a great bag!! :yes:
  7. Niiiiiiice, Prada!!! Congrats on a great find!
  8. Yum! :drool: Love yellow bags. Congrats!
  9. AWE!!!!!!!!!!LOVE it on you!!
    Enjoy her!!!!
  10. Love the straw and those dangly ties !!
  11. She's a definite eye-catcher and perfect for summer!
  12. The yellow is perfect for summer, and look fabulous on you. Congrats!
  13. So pretty- congrats!
  14. Prada was wearing this bag today at our little (emphasis on little--only 4 of us) PF get-together at SouthPark. Her shirt was the exact same yellow to match the purse--she looked so dang fashionable and ready for summer, it made me smile :smile:just seeing the ensemble! Stupendous bag and perfect for summer.
  15. Soooooo did you put on a yellow shirt just for the picture, or is your timing just that good? :smile: