My very humble collection

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  1. I can't get a good shot...
  2. You're being far too humble, your collection is gorgeous !! I especially love the chanel bowler, and the MM croissant !
  3. Lovely collection. Please indentify your bags for us.
  4. A Chanel, a Cabas and a Cerises bucket...very nice collection!
  5. That is a VERY nice collection!!!:love:
  6. From last row left is a Chanel backpack, LV musette tango, LV Luco, LV croissant MM, LV Looping MM, LV Cherise Bucket.
    Front row left is Chanel Bowling Bag, Balenciage Box Denim, LV mini (don't know the name, I think it's discontinued) and Prada Ostrich stripe.
    The two in the very front are Prada black leather (I don't know the name and actually never saw it anywhere else, bought it in Prada Hong Kong boutique) and Prada Antique Push Lock.
    I also have a Prada strip nylon and a LV Pegase 60 not in the picture.

  7. You have some really beautiful bags! Love the Chanel. What is the one on the far right with the tan stripe down the center? Very pretty ...
  8. Thanks. It's the Prada with ostrich. It's actually a little too big. :biggrin:
  9. Love your collection! The Prada is gorgeous!
  10. Nice :biggrin:
  11. nice :biggrin:
  12. oops i didnt know i said the same thing as Swedie XD ehe sorry
  13. i :love: the chanel cambon bowler!
  14. Nice..I really love your PRADA COLOR
  15. I'm drooling over your cabas.
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