my very humble bag collection

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Sharing what I currently have. As you can see, most of my bags aren't expensive :biggrin: ..... Only have one luxury bag (never dream I would have one actually). :shame:

    1) sling white small bag from Hiroshima Japan
    2) flowery sling bag from Japan
    3) sling bag from Nine West
    4) blue bag from Hiroshima Japan
    5) & 6) Elle bags for work

  2. cute bags! and nice photos.
  3. Part 2....

    1) my baby!!
    2) look-alike from Tocco

  4. I like the flower bag! Very unique!
  5. After realising that the bag from Tocco is a looka-like bag of the Balenciaga .... I feel less active in carrying the bag. Feels kind of disappointed that the design is copied as I always thought this brand is good.

    now wondering what to do with the bag............
  6. It does look like Balenciaga!!! But the color is still beautiful~
  7. nice collection! that suhali is amazing, i love the suhali line and how it's just so classy!

    you have unique purses, that's really cool
  8. The suhali just takes my breath away, it's so gorgeous !

    Just out of curiousity, are you in Hiroshima a lot, or just so happened to pick up two bags from there when you were visiting ? I'd really like to visit Japan sometime, and that's definately one of the cities on my list.
  9. Hi Ayla, Hiroshima is the brand of the bag. The brand is from Japan. I bought them from a boutique in my own country. Sorry I wasn't clear earlier. :smile: I would LOVE to visit Japan soon. They have very lovely accessories and bags (that will definitely burn a big hole in my pocket).
  10. Nice :biggrin: I love the color of the Tocco.
  11. My boyfriend and I wanna go to Japan, too! I wanna go shopping ! And go to Tokyo Disneyland :nuts:
  12. I love your suhali!! Just Curious how well the white leather last? Does it get dirty easily? Does it turn to off-white or does it remain its whiteness pretty well? I'm thinking about getting one myself and I think white is sooo beautiful! But I worry when it Comes to suCh a light Color..
  13. Love your white suhali!!! It's so beautiful! I also like the sling bag from Nine West.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to share. They might be humble but I love that they're beautifully unique.
  15. Hi essential, the bag is a recent purchase (less than 3 weeks) so I can't really tell you if the white would last. But looking at it, I believe it wouldn't get dirty easily. I don't think the colour would fade as well.

    Go take a look at it in person! The bag is very beautiful. Better than this pic I posted. :blink: **sheepish grin* I'm not a great photographer.