My very first!!

  1. Other than my Chanel Sunglasses, I decided it was time to own something else. I fell head over heals for the Lambskin. I decided on this Tote, and a small Wallet type handbag for evenings and of course the wallet to go with my tote.:heart: Thought I would share:yahoo:
    Chanel Handbags.JPG
  2. Stunning! Congrats on your new beauties! They are truly to die for!
  3. Oh I'm in love with everything ... great choices!!!!!!!!
  4. Wow!great buys!:nuts: I just looove lambskin!Enjoy and welcome to the club!
  5. :nuts: WOW!!! You're off to a great start!!!

    They are all beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  6. Beautiful. Congrats on the new items!
  7. wow... gorgeous classic choices! i really love the black cc tote.
  8. Thank you ladies- for your kind words..:heart:
  9. All three are BEAUTIFUL!:love:

  10. VERY nice choices Jean!!!
  11. Whoah!!! You have great taste!!! You selected 3 fabulous pieces!!! Congrats!!! They are soooooo lovely!!!!
  12. Love, your new collection! They all look very yummy!:p Congrats and Enjoy!
  13. Love the cotton club tote. It's so versatile. Congratulations Jean!:yahoo:
  14. Congrats on your new purchases!
  15. LOVE the CC tote..They are ALL GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!