My very first Valentino

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    Finally got my own very first Valentino :heart:. It's a small wallet with straps from previous year. Love the color, the details. Only wish it's a little bit bigger.

    Anyone know the style/name?

  2. I like it. Very cute. Gongratulations on your new Valentino!
  3. That is one STUNNING wallet! Where did you get it, may I ask? It's gorgeous!!! I love the flower details. :smile:
  4. very very nice!! congrats BTW did you buy this from Hautelook?
  5. Yup I bought this one from Hautelook. I was hesitant because it's a final sale and I have not seen the actual wallet. It looks really beautiful on the stock photo and I figured you can't go too wrong with Valentino. I am quite pleased with the purchase. Can't wait to take her out :love:
  6. :woohoo::tup: Its a beautiful bag.and you definitely cant go wrong with a valentine.
  7. Beautiful and classic....congrats
  8. Very pretty!!
  9. Very nice....
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    Congrats! Hautelook has had Valentino lately and one slipped through my fingers just yesterday....
  11. gorgeous!
  12. it's lovely!