My Very First Trip to L.V. in Paris

  1. :angel:

    Here are the photos:
    I couldn't figure out how to add them to my "prices in Europe" report, so I am putting them here....perhaps out moderators will move them to the correct place??? Sorry for my lack of technological knowledge!
  2. oh boy....that dint work! Need tech, do I do this.??????
  3. When you post your message, there is a button called" manage on it and select the file you want to attach and upload them.
  4. OK...thanks Chloe....I'm trying!
  5. will only allow me to attach a url????
  6. you have to upload your pictures somewhere first. I use photobucket. Below the pic is a URL that you stick in the little box that pops up when you click on the picture of the mountain. Hope thta helps?
  7. I'm ok....getting somewhere! I can post them, but, they have to be resized. Trying to figure that out....thank you for your patience!
  8. ahhhhh u got me sitting on the edge of my seat...ahhh hahaha
  9. you went to "heaven".
  10. I think I have it!

    The temple of Vuitton
    Paris, France
    May 9, 2006

    12:30(ish) PM







  11. ....*drool*
  12. Oh man. I wish I was there!
  13. Thanks for the pictures Alexandra.

    Anyone know about how much the hatbox would cost?

  14. Did you get anything while you were there?
  15. I LOVE THAT hat box....I have to check out the price...
    and SO cute with those shoes!