My very first Tory Burch AND my very first reveal!!

  1. Hi ladies! Are you up for a reveal? Lets hope I'll manage this :p

    So this mystic bag came in the mail for me today, as a late birthday/xmas present. Been wanting it for a very long time!

    Wich model could it possibly be...??
    reveal 3.JPG
  2. She is a bit shy it seems...;)
  3. -
  4. Ta-da! It a black double zip tote :biggrin:
    veske forfra.jpg veske fra side.jpg ovenifra.JPG
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    Some modeling pics. Sorry about the poor picture quality..

    I'm very pleased with the bag ;) I think it will be a great work bag, as it looks quite "grown-up", it is roomy and not to heavy, and can be carried in different ways. I hope it holds up well as I like the stiff look! :smile:
    meg.jpg meg2.jpg meg3.jpg
  6. And I can finally bring my cat to the office :roflmfao:
    pus i veske.jpg
  7. I just melted this is so cute
  8. love it!! it is very "grown up" but not too old :p love the extra strap for when u wanna have your hands free!
  9. love the bag and you have one of the cutest kitties I have ever seen! LOVE IT!!:biggrin:
  10. Thank you! She really is an incredible cute kitty, and with such a funny personality. Wants to sniff the heck out of my new bags. I love her to bits :biggrin:
  11. omg dying! so cute!! I think this may be my next TB bag, I just bought my first one and it should be delivered on monday, can't wait!
  12. congrats. so chic.
  13. Awesome Bag, I have several Tory's and love them! They hold up very well.
    Darling Cat!
  14. Very pretty bag and kitty! My fur all likes to snuggle up next to mine too. She loves the bags and the boxes they come in as well. Lately, her favorite is my tote bag from Baggallini and my Coach agenda. She rubs up against that leather all the time and purrs...
  15. This bag is soo cute!!