My very first Tod's...

  1. I was in Neiman Marcus yesterday, returning my baby Spy bag. I like the Spy in theory, but after carrying it a few times, I realized I prefer shoulder bags. I looked at Balenciaga (I've owned two before--a Caramel City [sold it] and a silver metallic box [still have it]), but didn't see anything that interested me. I looked at Chloe, Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, nothing hit me like a ton of bricks. Then I turned the corner and entered the Tod's area and I was really struck by this bag. It's black, but in certain lights you can see blue and purple hues (similiar to the Balenciaga ink color). The straps adjust which I like. It's roomy and has that great zipper compartment in front which is perfect for my phone and a pack of gum. The price was right, and so...I got it!! I really really love it so far. Let me know what you think.
    062506 part deux 002.jpg 062506 part deux 003.jpg 062506 part deux 004.jpg
  2. It's Got Character. I like TOD.
  3. I like this bag. I saw it in Saks! I bet it gets better and better with use!
  4. Great bag! This is the Kate in Piccola size right?
  5. Yep! This is the small with adjustable straps.
  6. Lovely! I didn't realize the smaller size had adjustable straps...I'll have to look for one to check it out, too!

    The color sounds fab. :love:
  7. Ahh I love TODS! They have excellent leather and are extremely well crafted. Congrats!:biggrin::flowers:
  8. Great choice. It's very chic.
  9. Lovely bag!

    Tod's had a gorgeous bag that I loved but for one thing--it was almost the size of a small carryon. If it had been a real purse, I would have gone for it in a New York second.
  10. Oh, I love that bag from Tod's!!!
  11. i like it... you can fit a lot of stuff in it. congrats....:biggrin:
    tod's will be my next purchase (hopefully).
  12. It definitely holds a lot. I can fit all of my junk in there. :smile:
  13. I :heart: Tod's! Great bag!
  14. I love it! I have never had a TODS bag before but that bag is very tempting. Does it come in different colors?
  15. Yes, it does. I also saw it in tan and mustard yellow.
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