my very first tiffany ring!!! pictures!

  1. yay! my cousin in florida decided to get me a ring for all the birthdays he has missed! i got to pick which one i wanted though.

    i fell in love with it! :heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. very nice. happy birthday!
  3. seee....told you youd be able to figure out a way to take the pic! looks great! lol and you and kim with your tiffanys!
  4. That is really cute! Congrats, and Happy Birthday!
  5. that ring is do dainty and feminine! SOoo cute! Happy Bday
  6. Great choice! Very sweet and pretty looking ring, enjoy your birthday pressie!
  7. Happy Birthday!
    It's a very pretty ring!
  8. It's so delicate and beautiful! :smile:
  9. That is such a beautiful ring! Congratulations!
  10. thank you all!
  11. So pretty!
  12. I like that ring, it's nice!! Congrats!!
  13. oh that is so nice, congratulations on your first Tiffany item, and happy birthday!
  14. Very Pretty! Yay! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  15. I LOVE I want one! :yes: