My very first thread, Please help...

  1. Love,Love,Love this site. I don't know how I lived before I know this site.:yahoo:
    Question for Chanel expert, what's the name of the red chanel bag featured in recent People magazine ? It's the little red one, you can wear it double loop as a shoulder bag or single loop. Please help. I called chanel store, they said there is a new one similar to what I have described, but it's got little holes on them, and style number is 833814, I thought the one I saw on there was a classic flap, lamb skin with no holes...
    Thanks for helping.
  2. can you scan a photo?
  3. I am pretty sure it is the classic flap ... if it is the people issue I am thinking of - was Reese Witherspoon carrying it??
  4. The one I saw on "people" was on Kristen Dunst, can't find the picture, it's small, and can be wear either way,double looped. Can you guys tell me which style is cuter, I know I would like a red one, thanks.
    f542scd.jpg ae3cscd.jpg
  5. Just did. Thanks.:nuts:
  6. I'm no expert but I believe you are talking about the classic flap:roflmfao: . Go onto the reference library and there are tons of pictures!!:yes:
  7. Thanks, reading all the threads about price increase, I guess if price is going to increase, I better get it soon if it's a classic.:yes:

  8. yup ...b4 1st Feb..good luck
  9. Tomorrow is the last day! ack!!:wtf:
  10. Yeah you have like one day. I say call around and buy one, and if you change your mind take it back. Try to go in and look at all the different sizes. The jumbo is the one where you can best carry alot of stuff. And as said, the ref library has lots of pics to help you :yes:
  11. Thank you.:love: