My very first Spy!!!

  1. After lurking on the Fendi board and drooling over all of your beautiful Spy's, I finally have one to call my own.

    Here is my Chocolate Spy. :girlsigh:

    Thank you to a very sweet PFer who helped to make her mine! :flowers:

    pics: one with flash, one without
  2. siri anne she is amazing and so bubbly on the sides!!! :love: You have made me more determined than ever to find the perfect choco spy!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. congrats, she's a beauty!
  4. Siri she looks sooo fab, congrats. Choco is defo one of the best colours in the spy IMO

    Well done, congrats
  5. Beautiful yummy chocolate, so pleased for you, remember its not possible to stop at one spy.....LOL
  6. Gorgeous bag in great condition, congrats! :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:
  7. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my Chocolate Spy:smile:

    SecretShop: I got lucky with this one The previous owner must have spoilt her rotten because she is in perfect condition IMO.

    Saich2: I know you are correct. Will not be able to stop with one spy, although I am very grateful for this one!!:yahoo:

    Rosemary & Baglady: Thanks so much:nuts:

    Joannii: Thank you and don't give up, I am sure you will find one very soon!:flowers:
  8. Pretty!
  9. Congratulations, it's gorgeous!

    I'll be joining the club tomorrow when my very first Spy, the cognac one, will be here! :yahoo:
  10. YAY....Siri!!! It's so lovely to have you here on the Fendi Forum!! You have got an amazing "first" spy....The choco is gorgeous, very yummy!:drool::drool::drool:Congrats hun!
  11. Wow, Siri! What a yummy, yummy Spy! Congrats!
  12. Gorgeous!!! Congrats Siri. =)
  13. This Chocolate is really yummmmmmmmy !!!
    Congrats Siri !! I'm sure this Spy won't be the last ;) !
  14. The chocolate color is yummy! Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  15. What an absolutely gorgeous delicious Chocolate Spy! Congrats!! It looks positively yummy!