My Very First RM!! MAB - Pics!!

  1. After months of researching and looking for deals and lurking in all the RM threads here, I have finally joined the RM club. And let me tell you...I TOTALLY get it. I got the MAB in chestnut from Active Endeavors. The leather on this bag is amazing. It is very smooshy (it collapses onto itself, see pics) but yet it's this thick, pebbly leather. The chestnut color is great, I didn't own a brown bag and something about this one spoke to me. I think it will go well with blacks and browns.

    I can totally see this bag getting even better with age and I know I will use it forever. It is just a totally classic shape. The black and white interior is a fun extra touch and there are lots of interior pockets, which I love.

    Thanks to everyone that filled out numerous polls for me over the last couple months and helped me on the path to this bag. I am really, really happy with my choice. Hope you like the pics! The ones without flash are more true to the color, but the one with flash does a great job of showing the texture of the leather.

    PS - And to anyone on the fence about RM because you haven't seen them IRL...go for it!
    MAB-noflash_1.JPG MAB-noflash_2.JPG MAB-noflash_3.JPG MAB-flash_1.JPG
  2. Congratulations. That is an absolutely gorgeous color.
  3. Congrats! Beautiful color!!
  4. congrats!!! it's a great bag, enjoy it.
  5. YAY! Congrats! RM bags are great. Something tells me this one won't be the last for you...
  6. Congrats!!! It's a beautiful brown.
  7. Beautiful bag ... Now I really can't wait to get my first RM bag!
  8. Love the silver hardware. Great choice!
  9. It's beautiful! What do you think about the size? I am still trying to decide between the MAB and the MAM.
  10. Belleoftheball... what do you want to be able to carry in the bag? Personally, I love the regular MA size. It's so great! I can even take my gym clothes to work!

  11. I want to use it more as just an everyday bag - so phone, keys, wallet, glasses case, makeup bag, small planner, a few papers (folded), pens, gum, etc. I wouldn't use it to take any extra clothes or anything, except for maybe stuffing in a little tiny cardigan or something. Plus I am a bit petite (5'3" or so) and I don't want to look like I'm carrying a suitcase as I did with the matinee! Do you think the mini would be best? TIA!
  12. congrats!! I love that colour :smile:
  13. Than I would definitely get the mini. I'm 5'3" too and I like bigger bags. I like to carry a lot--all of my essentials, magazine, gym stuff. So, get the MA mini
  14. great bag!!!! beautiful color and the leather looks soooo yummy!!! welcome to the RM Club :tup::tup::tup: