My very first reveal!!!

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  1. Finally got the call from my lovely SA and came home with the big orange box :biggrin:

  2. Let's see it!
  3. What is in the box?

  4. :cool: Love the twilly!!

  5. Here it comes!!
    Blue de prusse B35 in box leather w/ guilloche hw :biggrin:

  6. A close-up look for the hardware

  7. Done! Thanks for watching!!:lol::lol::lol:
  8. Very nice Birkin! I love Bleu de Prusse.
  9. wow..congrats dear your bdp box with guilloche hw is such a special's simply TIMELESS!! :woohoo:
    wear her in good health! :balloon:
  10. Wow...probably the best combo ever - no words - CONGRATS!!!!!
  11. Thanks Memo, Minismurf, Luckybunny !
    I was waiting for a bright color B for a very long time, but when I saw this beauty, and my SA says it's sooooo special and the store's not getting those kind of combo that often, I know I have to take it home :P
  12. What a classic and seriously cool bag. Love the colour and the guilloche makes it so special.
  13. She's simply gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy! :biggrin:
  14. Such a great classic piece to own! Congrats on the wonderful find!
  15. Congrats, she is a very special bag indeed. To receive a Box bag now is like finding treasure, especially with Guilloche hardware.