My very first reveal!

  1. sorry for the typo, I meant the heels are little too tall for me....
    um....tough decision here....should I keep or return it?
  2. Very nice!
  3. Depends whether you think you can get used to the heels with practice.

    What do you normally wear?

    I would say keep, as the heels look quite thick (not something like a true stiletto) and have quite a large platform which will make them relatively easy to wear in terms of the foot arch.
  4. nice Maggies! always liked the pattern :biggrin:
  5. Keep and practice!!!
  6. What she said!!

    You can teach yourself to be comfortable in heels. just takes time and practice!!

  7. I got the same shoes on sale a while back and was worried about the heel height. Have to admit that after some practice in the house, wearing them out was a breeze... Not to mention how gorgeous they are. I vote keep :smile: u will be glad u did.