my very first reveal, EVER :)


Nov 12, 2007
I've been lurking on this forum for a while and lusting over the beauties you girls show off, and I've finally got my own :smile:

I have a sage MAM I got at a SS two years ago, but I wasn't a member then.

Sorry these aren't top quality - they were taken with my Blackberry.

First - (inspired by annaversary to purchase this beauty) MAC in glazed black

Second - I got this beauty at Bloomie's yesterday :smile: I just returned a pair of shoes and decided to browse the purse section on my way out, and once I saw it I couldn't leave without it.

MAB in sunshine(I believe?) with signature hardware.

Heidi Sr.

Apr 4, 2007
Pretty! My Bloomies doesnt carry RM, although Ive been begging them to every time I go there.