My very first reveal and very first botique purchase!!

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  1. Not my first LV, but I went to the boutique today with the intention to view the Palermo PM as I was planning to purchase via eBay and ended up with this baby........
  2. Neverfull GM
  3. With my monogram :smile:
  4. Lovely! Congratulations!
  5. Congrats on a great purchase.
  6. I didn't know it can be in silver!!!???? GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!
  7. Action shots pls!! :smile:)) very nice bagg
  8. It's actually gold. I think it appears silver as a result of lighting and photo angle.
  9. Congrats!!! Great choice :smile:
  10. Congratulations! I hope you had a great experience at the boutique!
  11. Nice congratulations
  12. I'm so jealous! Congrats!
  13. Nice!!!
  14. Congrats! Nice with the initials.Enjoy! :smile:
  15. Congrats .. nice choice:smile: