My very first purchase from LV!!!! (excited!!)

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  1. I visited the LV store at the pacific place in HK today!! Since I got a brief idea of what to buy in the first place I directly approached a SA and asked her if the store have the multiple wallet in Bequia leather. The SA was quite confused :confused1: in what I want at first and she actually tried to point it out in the catalogue.

    As she was flipping through the catalogue, I told her that the wallet might be from the new collection. The SA then finally understood and showed me the wallet in charcoal grey and burgundy. I must say the wallet was magnificent!!! The leather was smooth to touch and the finishings were great!! After a few more looks I told the SA I will take the one in burgundy. The SA did mentioned that they only have 2 wallets in burgundy in the store so after I purchased one there will only be one left! Ha Ha Ha!! :lol:

    After which I asked the SA to show me the key and change holder in Epi leather. She showed me was the one in black and I asked whether they have it in mandarin. She went to check on the computer and she said the store did not have it:sad:. I further asked whether other stores does have it or not but she she said no :crybaby:. I got no other choice so I told her I would take the black one.

    Basically I enjoyed my visit there and I find it quite fun to see that the SA was trying her best to communicate using English:tup:.

    These are what I got today:

  2. congrats! the wallet is gorgeous!
  3. wow, th e wallet is RICH in color ! love it and congrats on the both items !
  4. ooh, very nice.
  5. That wallet is stunning....I've never seen it before! The colour is so gorgeous. What is the official name of it?
  6. love your purchase :smile:
  7. oooh nice wallet and epi cles, they are verry subttle...
  8. Congrats. Both pieces are beautiful!
  9. congrats!!! Love them both!!!!
  10. congrats.
  11. Beautiful purshases,congrats !
  12. Both items are stunning!

    I love that wallet!! :drool:
  13. thanks! enjoy! ;)