My very first PRADA purchase yesterday!

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  1. I'm falling in love with prada! What do you think about my Prada mini promenade and my key wallet? Do you like the color!? (Cammeo and Ottonio) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398235159.996714.jpg Feel free to leave any comments and thank you all of u so much! Love this forum!
  2. That mini promenade in the cameo colour is to die for! It's gorgeous. Congrats on such a beautiful purchase. And the wallet is lovely too. I bet it fits perfectly in the bag. Which wallet is it? Can you put some pictures of what it looks like open?

  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398261326.282064.jpg thank you for being the first and the only one! Here is what it's like inside :smile: thank u again !!!
  4. It's beautiful. I love it! Good choice!
  5. Both the bag and key wallet are fabulous congratulations. I really do like the colour of the key wallet. :amuse:
  6. Congrats! I also have the mini promenade but in black and it's my favorite! And I love the color of the little wallet!
  7. Thank u so much!
    Do u have a little trouble with the zip sometimes?
    I have mine!
  8. Both are very cute! I love Ottanio (my saffiano tote is in that color)! I saw the mini promenade in-store and found it adorable - just too small for even my barest essentials. I would have gotten it though if I could have found a way to fit my things in! You never know, I just might - never say never :graucho:

    Congrats on your purchases! Enjoy them in good health!
  9. I love both colors & really like that the bag is a gorgeous neutral & the key wallet has a pop of color, Congrats & enjoy! :smile:
  10. omg...that soooo both of them look so cute :heart:
  11. I love the color combo...really beautiful together. Those little mini bags are so adorable...I love them so much, even though I could never pull it off (I'm one step way from dragging a mini suitcase with me, with the amount of junk I carry).

    Slightly off topic - I love your profile pic! Looks very similar to my own pup.
  12. Cute mini. Cameo is a gorgeous color! I love the color of the key wallet. Will be looking for a bag in that color when I go to Europe next month. Enjoy!
  13. Thank you so much everyone for your comment!
  14. It's both cute
  15. Really nice. Congrats!