my very first PINK bag that i LOVE!!! <3<3<3

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  1. hi everyone!!!

    i've had a couple of chanel bags in the past which was given to me by my aunt....but since i've been a hardcore LV fan for years and i no longer have them.....

    so this is my first Chanel bag that i actually purchased!!! along with my new Cambon make-up bag..... you can see in the pic that the flat one discolored pretty bad.....but it is still pretty!:heart:

    here are bunch of most of you can see, i love pictures!! thank you for letting me share!

    [​IMG] my very small family!

    what's in my chanel bag!!! yay, my first~~!!

    it fits alot!!! and not as heavy as some of my favorite LV bags....and it is comfortable on my shouder~! WOW!


    but sunnies didn't i had to put it on top! lol

    more pics to come~~!
    DSC00212.JPG DSC00245.JPG DSC00242.JPG DSC00243.JPG DSC00241.JPG
  2. Loving your bag, and also your accessories are all so cute!
  3. gorgeous!! the silver hardware is such a modern touch, love it!
  4. [​IMG]
    i was trying to clean my closet today......! my daughter had a good time!!

    keeping a diaper and wipes in my new cambon case....! lol

    see, the new and old and faded cambon......
    the pink bag is the cutest!!! i am downsizing....i have to make some room for my newest addiction ----- CHANEL!!! :heart:


    thanks again for letting me share!!!
    DSC00246.JPG DSC00247.JPG DSC00211.JPG DSC00277.JPG DSC00280 (2).JPG
  5. Congrats, Chie!!! Its such a pretty bag~!! :nuts::heart:
  6. gorgeous bag and colour and daughter.
  7. Wow congrats!
    Your new bag is so beautiful! I love Chanel bags and pink. :love:
  8. it's all your fault Q~~~!!!!!! i've been brain washed by this woman~~~!!!

    juuuuust kidding~~!;):heart:

    thank you so much Q for helping me out.....!! i had to go with PINK for my first!:heart: arigatoo~!
    i'm ready for a next bag....LOL
  9. thank you for your lovely comment, ladies!!! i am so in love~~!!!:heart::heart::heart::tender:
  10. ohhhh your daughter is precious!!!
  11. Hahahahahahhaha...well, its a BEAUTIFUL start:heart:, and Im sure theres MANY MORE to come:graucho:!!!!! Let the Chanel madness start!:devil::devil::devil:!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. I LOVE IT! I'm obsessed with pink :smile: If you don't mind me asking..where did you get it and how much was it?

  14. thank you~~! :tender: but i had to get a little upset with her when she was dragging my new bag on the floor!!!!:shocked: NOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!!

  15. wow! another lv fan that crossed over. haha. congrats! i am going to buy a medallion tote one day. :smile: i love your bag and your daughter's soooooo pretty!