My Very First Part Time! Tempete GSH

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  1. ampeefyed, juldoc, pandaey3z, stylelover, WillWork~4Bags, roey, ashtray-girl, tillie46, RUIRUIWINTER, muggles, Tooomz, Alice1979, vink, and AnnieBinSD, thank you so much for sharing in my delight and affirming my purchase!!

    roey - my dear GGH antra work twin... this one's for you:

    Anthra GGH Work with Tempate GSH Part Time


    Didn't know they had one on RDC - I got this at a boutique I frequent (similar to Aloha Rag if you've visited AR).

    Attached Files:

  2. I love this picture with your furry baby looking at your beautiful bag!!!

    Congrats on the PT!! It is gorgeous!
  3. Another GSH Tempete PT twin! Lovely bag, the distressing looks great.
  4. Love Tempete SGH too. Congrats! & Enjoy her.
  5. congrats
  6. Thank you for the comparison pic! I can really see that GGH Anthra is more grey-blue, and Tempete is more blue-grey. I think I see a SGH Tempete in my future! It's a beautiful, neutral, mysterious color.
  7. Congratulations, beautiful!!
  8. Oooo beautiful!! Great distressing too!! Congrats on your PT!
  9. congrats!
    truly beautiful =)
  10. :faint: such a gorgeous color!

    (cute doggie, btw.)
  11. Yay for tempete SGH! It was my first part-time too, congratulations!!!!!
  12. Aaaaah beautiful color and bag - I love the PT also
  13. Beautiful color combo, congrats!
  14. Simply gorgeous, love it....congrats!
  15. Congrats on your Tempete SGH PT !!! Thank you for the beautiful photos !