My Very First Part Time! Tempete GSH

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  1. I'm so excited to have purchased my very first part-time! I mainly have City's and Day's and a Work, but somehow never really discovered the functionality of the Part Time! I think I will love her. And love Tempete too - in the GSH it really brings out the storm/ocean-like hue of the bag... :smile:




    Walter, one of my dogs, wanted to enjoy the view as well...[​IMG]

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  2. Great combi! Congrats! The leather is particularly yummy too... :balloon:
  3. Oh yum, fabulous distressing!
  4. LOVE this combo!! You're a lucky girl!
  5. Congrats! Yes agreed GSH does bring out the colour tempete,just like lighting in the mid of storm:rolleyes: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Great color combo! Congrats!
  7. Oh Bunkie, I've been so curious about this color forever but haven't taken the plunge! Did you purchase that from RDC? I was going to trade in my saddle city for it but someone beat me to it! It's lovely, congrats!
  8. what a wonderfull bag and the color is to-die-4 :smile:
  9. Congratulations, she's beautiful!!


    BTW I love dogs,too!!
  11. That is sooooooo beautiful!
  12. Congrats! I've got the same bag and love it to bits! It's so versatile!
  13. Big congrats on your first pt. It's absolutely gorgeous, love the tempete and gsh combo. Enjoy.
  14. Yay! I have that combo too but in City.

    Love this combo!
  15. That PT is heavenly! I love it.