My very first pair of Fendi shoes (and the rest of its family)!

  1. I saw them on Net-A-Porter a couple of weeks ago, but every single size was sold out except for the 39.5, and I couldn't find them anywhere else online :cry:. Then I decided to call Fendi in Manhattan and see if they had any left. I'd heard on this forum that the sizes for this pair of shoes run small, and because I'm usually a 36, I asked the boutique if they had a 36.5. They said they didn't at the moment, so they'd send me a 36 first, and if they really were too small I could send them back and get a 36.5 when the stock came in.

    They just arrived less than 20 minutes ago, beautifully packaged, and by great good fortune they fit perfectly :yahoo:! They're the cutest pair of shoes ever, and the calfskin leather is so plush:tender:. Plus they go with a bag and belt that I already have :graucho:. So here are my latest pair of shoes:

    Fendi B. Buckle Flats




    And here they are with my Fendi B. Bag and B. Belt:

  2. *Squeal* That is a GORGEOUS collection!! :drool:
  3. YEAH! We are shoe twins!!LOL..I love mine to death...I got the zucca ones too and Im also living in those...LOL
  4. i know :biggrin:! i'm so glad i couldn't go up half a size, or they may have been a little too big. they're on the floor right next to me now; i can't stop looking at them :shame::lol:!
  5. Wow, congrats! They are adorable! They look so confortable!
  6. Congratulations Sandra! Those shoes as well as your Fendi collection are TDF! I am doing this right now:drool:
  7. omg your shoes are adorable!

    do you have a pic of you wearing the belt? I know you LOVE to take pics hehe so can you post one so I can see what it looks like ON?
    thanks sooooo much
  8. I love the shoes, bag, and belt! They look great together!
  9. here it is :flowers:

    i cut this from a picture i took some time ago, but i can't post the whole picture because it shows one of my discontinued bags that i haven't posted yet :P:graucho:
    fendi belt.jpg
  10. love your new shoes, congrats! :biggrin:
  11. wow they are gorgeous are they confortable? great buy, congratultions.
  12. yes, they're very comfortable :yes:

    and thanks :love:!

  13. I think I know which discontinued bag that is! :P:graucho:

    Gorgeous shoes btw!!!! :drool:

  14. dang thats sexy!!!!!! I love it! do they still have it available?

    also, which bag is it :P

    thank you!
  15. :lol: you would!

    you can call 800-FENDI-NY and they'll get it for you :yes:. that's what i did.

    the bag is my white linen and black patent Fendi B. Bag