my very first pair of Cls and I am very excited

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  1. After a big fight my Boyfriend decided to make up and buy me these:yahoo:. I think you can feel how extatic I am!!!! I am more or a boot girl but I have been wanting a pair of cl heels for awhile. I have wanted either pink, black, or yellow. Finallyyyy I have a pair a cannot wait to wear them.

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  2. I am never lucky enough to see a live reveal!

    I wanna see....take it off!
  3. Yes, let's see!
  4. [​IMG] Bring it on!!! Can't wait to see!
  5. ^^^Its your lucky day^^^

    Here are some pics tell me what you think!!

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  6. woohoo!
  7. I meant to say its your lucky day too you lol
  8. Love them! Amazing color, and they look perfect on you!
  9. Oh, so pretty!!! I love yellow! It is such a great color. Congrats!
  10. super cute!
  11. very cool!!! love the color and it looks great on you!!! congrats!
  12. Thanks soo much Ive been wanting them soo long and now no why people love them because they are really comfy and I am imagining all the oufits and can wear lol
  13. Congrats on your first pair!
  14. Oh wow! Congrats to you on your first pair! They are fabulous!
  15. I looooove the yellow kid Simples, they look great on you!