My Very First of Many

  1. My very first post on Purse Forum *waves a BIG HELLO* and my VERY FIRST Louis baby Vuitton purchase just TODAY (or yesterday since its midnight)!
    I'm still fresh off my adrenaline from being so excited that I finally was able to purchase a LV bag the blew me away. Here's a little unwrapping pictionary;

    Here's my fuzzy butt who's just as attached to the brown paperbag as me! I think he's jealous of my pet Louis already!

    Famous Louis Vuitton box that carries everything magnificent. Too bad the bag was so tall the box didnt close!

    Red always makes a nice BOLD statement.

    VIOLA a not so decent picture! But The bag emerges for all to see!

    Close Up of the brilliant little cherries!

    I would never have thought in a million years would I have enjoyed the Sac Plat bag paired of with Murakami's HUGE smiling Cherries.

    The SA recommanded I take a peek at it, but I absolutely refused. Until I caved in because I wasnt finding anything I absolutely had to HAVE except for the L'Extravagant which is currently out my league. Anyways when he pulled it out -it was love at first. I told myself I was being irrational and tried to look at other pieces, but knew it was too late. The smilies had taken over!

    Anyways to make a long story short, they sold the very last Cerise to me and I'm still not sure if I made the right decision?! Im quite indecisive.

    I dunno if the Sac Plat is all that comfortable to use or convenient. I love that is huge but this will definitely be a collectable piece.

    But I'm definitely eager to see what Murakami comes up with next!
  2. Very nice, grats on the purchase and welcome to the forums!
  3. I really like your presentation. It was so stripe show-esque.

    I can understand that you are a bit indecisive about the bag. The bag has a very unusual size, giving the fact it is a hand-held bag. Although it looks like it has room to carry a bunch of stuff, I just wonder if it will weigh your hand down.

    Go with your intuition!
  4. Very cute presentation!!! Welcome to the forum!
  5. Gorgeous bag, and I can't wait to see your collection grow ! ;)
  6. Congrats!!! It's a beauty!!!
  7. Love the bag, and I have to say, your pup takes a beautiful picture, too!


  8. This bag has grown on me! and what a cute pup!!
  9. Congrats on your bag! I love Cerises, having the bucket/pochette combo myself...the smiling cherries are so cheerful, how can you not fall in love? :smile:

    What do you plan to use the Sac Plat for?
  10. Congrats and welcome!
  11. ooo pretty, if you don't mine me asking, what is the price? i am interested as well thats if i can find one.
  12. Thanks everyone for your warm welcome! =)

    And my pup is a camera ham, he seems to love to pose and get his nose into everything thats being photograph!

    I really havent thought about what Im going to use my Sac plat for as I found it extremely bulky. However, I think it'll hold a thin laptop nicely! My mom's really pressuring me into exchanging for something more practical and everyday use. =/ Still thinking, but the Cherries are ridiculously adorable!

    I purchased it for $1380 CDN before taxes. =)
  13. I have to say your bag is nice....... but your doggy is to die for!
  14. Hi there! Welcome to the Cerises Sac Plat club! ha ha! I have one, and Wickedassin and now you! I'm sure others do too, but I can't recall them off hand.

    It was $1140 here in the US. For me, I plan to use it for work and papers and such. Or, I'd love to use for short business trips to carry a padfolio, and a pochette.

  15. Congrats! It's a beauty!