My very first new LV purchase

Sep 13, 2008
I'm super excited about this purchase because not only is this the first time I bought a brand new LV item (I have a preowned Speedy30 and Galliera PM), but I did it all by myself without my husband buying it for me or spending any money out of my pocket. I was determined to save up on my own for this purchase, so I've sold some things and saved up until I finally had enough.

The SA was super nice and showed me all the wallets so I can see which one I liked. I've been wanting a mono zippy wallet but I've never actually seen them in person so I wanted to make sure. What I LOVED was the Raye Vernis zippy, it was a gorgeous wallet. But while I loved it today I wasn't sure I'll still love it down the road or if it'll hold up for years. So I went with my original love, a mono zippy.