My very first new babies!!

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  1. Hi ladies - well finally back from the Coach outlet in Niagara Falls!!

    I got my gorgeous aubergine Zoe, but I also fell in love with a Patchwork CARLY. I was reading the thread on Friday about how most of you are not crazy about patchwork Coach's, and I was totally onboard until I saw the beautiful pink patchwork Carly and immediately fell in love.

    I was so sad that I had missed the boat on Carly and was thrilled to see this beautiful one still available. She will be my summer purse and in the Fall I'll break out Zoe. I loved her immediately.

    I could have sold my aubergine Zoe in the parking lot for $500. :graucho: I had a dozen people rushing up to me asking me where I got it and if there were any more left. The SAs had to take down the info from it and order it for a few ladies!! I'm so happy I called ahead and bought one as there were no more in this beautiful color.

    Anyway, enough of the chit chat, I will post the pictures momentarily. . . .
  2. i'm here & can't wait to see the new babies! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:
  3. Patchwork Carly and Aubergine Zoe :yahoo:



  4. Gorgeous! The Zoe's a real keeper, don't let her go!!
  5. gorgeous bags!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love zoes, but that patchwork carly is tdf. i was never into the patchwork stuff, but that is too cute! i have a patchwork mini skinny that's cute, but i personally thought most of the patchwork prints were kind of ugly.
  6. Very nice
  7. My DH was with me for the purchase, and when he saw all the ladies rushing up to me asking about the Zoe, he told me I should come home and sell her on ebay. :nuts:

    Yeah right, my first babies. I'm sure that no matter what else comes in the future, these will always be special to me. I'm never letting them go. :yahoo:

    I wish the outlet had more accessories, I so wanted to get some pretty scarves, keychains and/or purse charms, but they were very scare. I guess I'll have to scour ebay since the outlet is 6-7 hours away - this will probably be a once/year pilgrimage to the mother land. ;)
  8. congrats on the new bags!! Carly and Zoe are GREAT, versatile styles.
  9. Both bags are great. Enjoy!
  10. :biggrin: i wouldn't sell them either! :biggrin: it's awesome how excited you are! it's even better that the excitement never, never, never goes away. at least not for me. i doubt it does for many people.
  11. question...what color is the lining in the carly?
  12. Great finds! I like your Carly!
  13. I guess you'd call it Khaki? It's a solid color. . . .

  14. I like them both - great finds
  15. cool, i was jw. :biggrin: