My very first Miu Miu!

  1. My very first Miu Miu bag, I'm so in love with it.:heart: I really wanted a smoke gray bow satchel, but it seems to be gone everywhere. This was actually the last bag of this particular style left at Saks, I had to get the bag that was out on the floor. No matter, I love this bag to death. I believe it's called a Vitello Peggy, in the Sughero color.

    ( to see it even bigger!)

    It's a big bag, I'm 5'5 and about 130lbs, and it's wider than me. :wtf:
  2. Congrats on your first Miu Miu!! That brown is TDF!~
    Some modelling photos perhaps? :graucho:
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. congrats! such a lovely bag..I love the bow design! Is there a seperate strap for cross-body?
    Enjoy your bag!
  5. That is a GORGEOUS bag!! I love the color and style. Could you possibly post modeling pics? Congratulations!!
  6. Congrats on your bag. I used to call this my ideal bag haha...but somehow never got it and got the bow instead. But I still think its fab!
  7. Fantastic bag!!!
  8. OOH congrats! I was eyeing this bag for a while--it's a beauty! Enjoy!
  9. Thanks everyone! :smile:

    I'll try to post modeling pictures this weekend.

    It does not come with a cross-body strap, but the straps are long enough to be worn comfortably on the shoulder.
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. OMG This picture just confirms how much I love Miu Miu. I keep wanting one, and by now, I should have bought one, but it would be a huge purchase for me. Maybe if I saved for another year or so... maybe I'll do that! Gorgeous bag, congrats! It looks amazing.
  13. Your bag is TDF, congratulations!
  14. nice bag! congrats!
    i love the brown!
  15. Really nice bag.