My very first Miu Miu ~ new style

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  1. I am a Miu Miu newbie. I was on vacation in Miami for a few days and stopped into the Miu Miu at Bal Harbour. I tried this bag on and fell in love but held back. I went back a few hours later right before the store closed and bought her. She's being shipped home and I can't wait until she's here! The sales girl said this bag just came out this week, does anyone know the name? They also had it in an ivory/pearl white color. It only has one shoulder handle plus the removable cross body strap and it's slightly a different shape than the Charm bag. I am soooooooo excited!!!



  2. Gorgeous! Love the color. The bag looks great on you. Congrats!
  3. Congrats!! I Looooove the Bal Harbour store...I am not sure about the name, Kiki119 owns one in Pervinca...I only own the regular one also in Pervinca and it's my favorite bag!
  4. I call the Large Charm... or the Hobo charm ;)

    looks great on ya!
  5. Thanks ladies! The gray really grew on me and I like the gold hardware with it. I feel I'm not stuck with only grays/blacks since I have some hardware there I can mix with some khakis too. I can't wait for it to get here!
  6. lovely, congrats!
    ..can't wait for my next purchase! :P
  7. Great bag!
  8. Love the color :love: Congrats!
  9. that is a fab colour!!
  10. Your shoes are wonderful.
  11. Thank you! Believe it or not scored a couple weeks ago at TJ Maxx - Tahiri $49!
  12. Congratulations! :smile: The bag suits you! I only wish I lived near a Miu Miu store~
  13. That's beautiful! It really looks like it was made for you!
  14. OOOh this bag is lovely! Congrats! I love MiuMiu handbags, haven't got one yet...will soon!
  15. who helped you? was it a girl wirh short hair with a spanish accent or a girl with long long hair? I like both of them they are really nice