My Very First Miu Miu... My Beautiful Bow!

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  1. Hello everyone! I just got back from a fab weekend in Birmingham with my OH and came home with my very first Miu Miu, I am usually a Mulberry girl but fell head over heels for the Bow a couple of months ago! So after a painfully long wait and scouring evilbay I reserved one at Selfridges to pick up on my weekend away!

    And here she is :love:

    the label just says she is 'Tan' but if anybody knows a more specific colour I would love to know! They also had black.. and mini bows in a dark brown too which were adorable!!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Use it well!
  3. She is beautiful... welcome to the Bow club :smile:
  4. Thank you :amuse: any idea if 'Tan' has another name?
  5. Umm... you might want to check out the Bow Bag thread... some girls I think have posted the same colour there...
  6. I might be wrong... but could it be Palissandro?
  7. Ohhh maybe, also looks quite like some photos I found of Rovere... its a mystery! Perhaps someone else will know for sure.
  8. Yes I also think it's Palisssandro - carmel.
  9. mmm check the receipt...if you bought it at a miu miu boutique it should say in the they usually keep the card with the official color name...
  10. Hi Miss Mabel, congrats on your bow bag. She's a beauty! It's good to see another girl from Mulberry forum also jumping on the MM band wagon :biggrin:
  11. Gorgeous! Love the color! Congrats!
  12. fabulous!
  13. Gorgeous!

    Looks like Palissandro to me. :nuts:
  14. this colour is gorgeous! congrats ;)
  15. congrats!!!