My Very First LV

Sep 8, 2012
Seriously, I still can't feel my excitement about my first LV until now. I never thought I'd own an LV as I'm just 19 and I stopped working half year ago while started living with my fiance and continue with my degree.

Few days ago, he brought me into the LV department from Holt Renfrew and asked the manager to help me choose some bags that suit my age. He said I've never asked him for any materialistic stuff except for fooood lol and he thought it was time to buy me some luxurious things after the engagement ring from Tiffany. First, I was fooled by him to enter the HR store as he said he was going to buy HIS stuff only...But at the end, it was all for me. He said he was really glad and happy to dress me up like a princess rather than himself. I was quite touched indeed. :')

The manager gave me some options and we narrowed down between Cappucine MM and Brea MM. My fiance literally forced me to choose one of them but he said if I like both, then just get both. I was battling as the Capp is suitable for special occasion while the Brea is good for everyday. However, when I heard the price =_=... Okay, I chose the Brea. (((Well, now I'm quite regret since the Capp looks really really nice... Stop!!!

I thought it was the end of the shopping, but no, it was just the beginning.... He asked if there was any purse, necklace, sunglasses, etc.

Ended up with a bag charm that perfectly matches the Brea, the Sarah wallet in rose, a coin purse, spiky valentine pink sets of Pendants..and some clothings from Red Valentino and Olive + Alice.

Most people should be very Happy but I'm the girl who enjoys shopping in Forever 21, Zara Kids and some other inexpensive brands. Always buy dresses less than 20CAD and being really content with the deals. Suddenly, I spent almost $10,000 in HR within 2hours and did not look at the price tags until I read the receipt. I just feel numbed and guilty instead of happy...

And Yea, I had thought of returning those things but some considerate folks (my fiance=__=) just told the manager not to accept my return right now, I'll just wear them.

I guess I could only post one attachment at a time?
I'll post the Brea first theb with the bag charm and coin purse. The coin purse looks a bit too wild =__= Haha, didn't choose the matching one..
How pretty! Congrats :smile:


Sep 22, 2013
Xx completely inappropriate
Well =_= just calm down...

The reason that I am posting a thread is to share my bag (everyone does share their hauls in this forum) because I could actually found a LV bag that I like as I used to think its style is too mature for me. I guess I can still enjoy cheap stuff while also owning a designer bag and share to everyone in this forum, right? It does not sound contradictory to me though. If you think I'm bragging too much, I am. I am bragging how good my fiance treats me. We went through a lot of obstacles, our relationship is finally settled and here is part of the result.

I just don't get why I did a false humility. I enjoy buying from F21 or Zara is a fact. I own and want to share my LV bag is also a fact. I am happy that I got the VIB rouge is a fact. How come it is false humility when I share it here? Do I have to mention what I've been through these years to actually qualify sharing what I've achieved? Or do you mean false humility = saying my fiance is not too bad? But he actually has a lot of flaws as well. It's just that I did not mention them here.

I don't know whether I have explained to you clearly or not. Maybe you are mentally punching me already. I'm sorry to ruin your mood though.
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Sep 22, 2013
Big congrats on all of your "goodies"! We're bag twins on your RA Brea. I love the Brea style and I hope you'll enjoy it too.

The Rose Angelique color is TDF IMHO. If I were you, I would hold tight onto your fiancé! What a guy. :love:

Best of luck with your studies too. Now you're going to look so beautiful at school. How wonderful! :happydance:
Do you mean you have the exactly same bag with the same bag charm *0*?!!! Yes, that rose color is just so adorable and rare to found. I'm enjoying it everyday Haha : ) it's summer holiday right now, not too sure whether I'd bring it to school though. It's big enough to carry some books and notebooks...but it's really heavy even if the bag is empty. I'm still not used to the heaviness..


Sep 22, 2013
Big congrats on everything. I'm sure your still in shock. I would be:smile: Everything is beautiful.
Thank you : )
Not quite sure whether I'm in shock or not.
Because these days, I always think how many things I can do if I return the bag. For example, full package of full body Laser removal that I longed for years and lots of online shopping..TAT But he kept the receipt away from me =_= the only thing I could do is to enjoy every moment with the bag >__<
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Jan 28, 2013
I actually like your story. Men treating ladies in this manner seem very sweet. A guy giving a girl a nice gift that he can afford is romantic. Congratulations on getting your lovely gifts. I can tell you had a fun time.


May 12, 2014
Pittsburgh PA
OMG.... I envy you so much! My hubby never took me to shopping spree. He gets headache after 5 minute shopping! LOL

Anyway, Congratulations, and everything you have is so beautiful!