My very first LV

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  1. Okay. I hope I'm not getting to be a pain, asking a ton of questions that have no obvious results, but you will see them, I promise.

    Okay, now my question. I'm on the cusp of my first designer bag purchases - one will be a balenciaga city, the other an LV. That'll be it for pretty much the rest of my life (:lol: ), so I'm trying to chose carefully.

    I'm pretty certain I want a Speedy - its a classic shape, very functional, and still a good-looking bag - my dilemma is the size. At first I thought 'no problem, I'll get the 30'. But the thing is, I'm looking for the Speedy to be more of an everyday bag than the balenciaga, and since I'm a student, that means I need to put an awful lot of crap in it. Now I've been comparing sizes with my tape measure (yes, I'm a geek:shame: ), and I'm worried that the only Speedy actually larger than the b-bag is the 40, which most people here refer to as 'luggage'. And the b-bag didn't look that big in the store.

    So my basic question is - 30, 35 or 40? - but I'd also like to hear from those of you who actually own the bags - what can you actually fit in them? My main criteria is needing to fit an A4 notebook in it if I use it for school.

    Sorry for the rambling, but anything you guys can tell me would be so helpful. And I'll never find another group of people who'll actually know what they're talking about!:lol:

  2. I have the speedy 30 and just love it. It can fit A LOT of stuff! I have an organizer, a wallet, sunglasses, etc. in mine with lots of room to spare.

    Good luck with your choices!!
  3. I think I would stay with the 30 or biggest 35 because otherwise it sags to much.
  4. I have a 30 and it holds a lot of stuff. My husband made an insert for the bottom of the bag with plexiglass so it doesn't sag.
  5. i have a 30 and i like the saggy look so i don't do anything fits my notebook, but i don't know what the measurements are for A4...There's obviously a big difference between a 30, 35 and 40, so you should go to the boutique (with your notebook) and try them all in to get a feel for it.
  6. I'm in agreeance with the others...I think you should go with the 30. If you end up carrying a lot, you run the risk of a saggy bottom the larger you go.
  7. Sorry, but that last line has me ROFLMAO! I have such a juvenile mind.

    To be honest, I don't really want the 40. SO its between the 30 and 35. Keep the opinions coming - this is all helpful.
  8. hi ya!

    i've got a LV speedy 30, mine holds so much! i even stick a drink bottle in it and its still got loads of room! i think its a great size for every day use!

    good luck! :smile:
  9. I think the 30 will be fine! It might not be much longer than the Balenciaga but keep in mind the width of the bag is one of it's selling points. It holds a lot of stuff!
  10. ok the 40 will be way to big for an everyday bag. the 30 should be suffice, it's really roomy.
  11. Okay - I've decided that since I probably won't be getting the bag til Easter anyway, which leaves 2-3 weeks of teaching left at uni, that I've been thinking about it the wrong way. Soooooo, I'm going to get the 30! :biggrin:
  12. The 30 will be nice!
  13. The 30 is great. It holds so much. I think if you really love LV, you need one speedy.
  14. That's what I figured. There are probably more practical LV bags, certainly there are more beautiful ones......but for my very first how could I not get a mono speedy?:love: