my very first LV

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  1. so i got my very first LV today. i know its tiny and a lot of people have better pieces but its something i wanted and i'm still in college so it was definitely a splurge for me. :P
  2. congrats pic's ?
  3. Congrats!
    What is it??
  4. and here come the pictures...



  5. i got the pochette flourentine. its absolutely gorgeous :yahoo:


  6. Congrats, it's too cute!
  7. its the perfect size for my necessities. i think the SA thought i was a bit crazy when i asked if i could put my stuff in to see if it could fit. it didn't help that i was dressed young.

    always gotta have the iphone, camera and inhaler.

  8. and heres a modeling picture. i wore this into the LV store and the SA looked at me like i was tacky and a waste of time. it didn't help that my boyfriend was dressed in surfing clothes. she looked surprised when i said that i wanted to buy it. but then i didn't get the belt and she just made a wrinkled face.

  9. ohh and a modeling picture with my boyfriends dog since my puppy is at home. he usually models my purses. he loves them. well he loves sleeping in/on them.

  10. Very cute! I hate when SAs look at you like your a waste of time. Where do they get their manners??
  11. Very cute, and a wonderful start to LV, Congrats!
  12. i know. im spending money and doing my part. and it was soooooo hard for me to walk out without buying the damier trevi pm. i want it so bad!!!

  13. lovely
    dont worry it is too small
    i started off with damier wallet
  14. Congrats on your first LV it looks fab on you!!! aww, that SA was probably jealous, you are too cute with that LV bag around your hips, not everyone can pull off that look.. :smile: your bf's puppy is adorable!!
  15. Congrats - a lovely first piece of LV.:tup:
    Love how it looks worn on a belt, you are so lucky to be tiny enough to wear it like that - my hips are too wide.:Push:
    Now you will just want more and more LV - it just does not end.:P