My Very FIRST LV Purchase!! (REVEAL!)

Apr 18, 2012
Hello tPFers!! I've loved watching so many of your reveals over the past couple months and now I finally have one of my own!!

So I spent the weekend in Toronto with my best friend and was out shopping when I saw the LV store on Bloor and I knew I had to go in. I've had an item in my mind that I had been wanting and so we went in so I could check it out in person. Well, looking turned to buying! Here's a crappy cell phone photo of the store, as well as my new beauty stripped down to the dust bag.

The store

My little brown bag

My little brown box

In her dustbag

It's nothing big, but it is something I have been itching to buy for the last couple months and finally got the chance to do it in person.
Apr 18, 2012
What is the color - is it sort of a burgundy or is it pinker or purpley IRL? Vernis is always stunning to me!

I think the best color comparison is a burgundy/merlot. A pretty fair mix of red and purple, and of course varies a bit depending on the light.

I'm so glad I went with the Vernis. I was deciding between this and the Damier Ebene, but I just love how feminine the Vernis looks. Also, it blends so well with my other non-LV accessories.