My *very first* LV purchase, EVER!

Apr 18, 2009
Hello everyone! :biggrin: I'm fairly new to this site. I'm very glad to find out that there are forums out there dedicated to my favorite brand names such as Burberry, Coach, and of course, Louis Vuitton!

I have a COACH collection, but so far, I only own ONE Louis Vuitton item! For our 3rd year anniversary, my fiance took me to an LV store here by Costa Mesa (southern CA) and said "Pick one, any bag you like." When I heard him say that, I got a little teary! :cry: I had no idea he was going to actually buy me one.
He knew what my dream bag was, so he wasn't surprised when I walked over to the Tivoli PM handbag. Thank you so much hunny!!! :love::yahoo:

Since I got it, I'd been so paranoid! I didn't think I could care so much about a handbag! Whenever I walk with him, or anyone else, I'd always tell them to walk on my left side because the princess Tivoli is on my right arm. So ridiculous, I know! :blush:

But anyways, here are the pics! Enjoy, and I hope you like them!

Now I want the Eugenie wallet! :sneaky:


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