My very first LV bag!...

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  1. the Josephine PM in Khaki!! I bought this a few months ago, shortly after I joined and got severely addicted to TPF and discovered the bag!! However, it came during a busy time and I forgot to ever share the great news with everyone!

    So although a bit late, I'd like to present to you all my very first LV bag (which I love very much)...

  2. pretty!!! does it fits lots?!?! my mom's name is Josephine and think this might be a good present for her!
  3. That's a very pretty bag! Does it have several interior pockets?
  4. Ooooooo:huh:O Congrats!
    I love that feeling you get when you purchased your first LV!
    I was thinking of the josephine but i decided on the Lucille instead.
  5. It surprisingly does fit a lot! I usually put my phone, fat wallet, my boyfriend's wallet, our keys, my cles, makeup, other miscellaneous items, and sometimes a Nintendo DS and it still has stackable room to spare. And it has D-rings, cell phone pocket, as well as a zipper pocket. Roomy for its size and functional :yes:
  6. It is so pretty!!!
  7. awesome bag! congrats!
  8. Lovely colour...and bag!!
  9. Does it fit on your shoulder? Can you post a pic wearing it on your shoulder???
  10. it looks great on you! congrats on your first LV!
  11. Very nice bag.
  12. congrats!
  13. Very pretty and feminine matches your jc lacy t-shirt.:love:

    It's really a great bag and does hold a lot like you said.
  14. It looks gorgeous!! Congrats! :biggrin:
  15. Congrats!!!
    Looks really awesome on you!
    Khaki is my fav color!