my very first LV bag!!

  1. i never figured myself a Louis girl, as i was never a big fan of the monogram pattern, having logos all over something. when i saw the damier azur pattern though, it really caught my eye. i'd been eyeing the speedy 30 for a while now, and my mom surprised me with it as a very early birthday gift!

    at the store i saw the brown damier speedy and for a moment was really swayed by it... i liked it a lot more than i thought i would! but in the end, and with the SA's encouragement, i went for my original choice of the azur... i love it!

    have you girls noticed that the handles start to turn color first, or is it a more uniform, all-over change??
    IMG_3337.JPG IMG_3338.JPG
  2. Great Choice! Welcome to the family! I hope your bag brings you YEARS of enjoyment!
  3. Thats a beautiful bag.... It is definitely my next purchase...!! Love it
  4. Congrats, she's a real beauty queen. :yahoo:
  5. Congrats!! :yahoo: I :heart: Azur Speedy, you'll have tons of fun w/this baby:yes:
  6. Congrats you will enjoy her for years to come
  7. Congrats, the Azur speedy looks fantastic! :tup:
  8. yay congrats! I love the Azur speedy ... so cute!
  9. *YaY* Congrats on your 1st LV bag!!

    Love the Azur Speedy .... you made an excellent choice. :tup:
  10. thanks everyone :smile: i'm beginning to see why this can become a serious addiction...
  11. congratulations! very wise choice for your 1st LV :smile:
  12. Great choice and congratulations on your 1st LV!:tup:
  13. Congrats!!! it is a beautiful bag!!
  14. Congrats!! Great bag. As far as your question goes...yes, the handles on the Speedys do tend to get a little darker than the rest of the bag first because it's handheld. Eventually it all evens out.
  15. Such a great choice for a first LV! Congrats...she is gorgeous!