my very FIRST LV bag~~~~~~~

  1. so yesterday i went to SCP to buy my very first LV bag. i read about all the horrible customer service so i went to the LV in bloomingdale's. the SA was really polite. even when i kept telling (demanding?) him i wanted a MADE IN FRANCE or MADE IN SPAIN bag. he just smiled and told me the top best sellers are all made in USA. i didn't know whether to believe him or not. oh well, he was so nice that it didn't bother me that much in the end.

    at first i was planning to buy the roxbury but when i held it, it was super tiny compared to my build. i was shocked at how small the bag was. but it really is a beautiful bag. i just wished it MATCHED me. :crybaby:

    so here it is, stuffed to the MAX my beautiful azur~


    gawsh i just realized how lumpy the bottom looks. lol. maybe i will take better pictures later. i'm just SO EXCITED I CAN SCREAM~!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your speedy!!! It's lovely!!
  3. Congrats on the speedy.
    I also acquired my first damier azur piece too!
  4. Yup... popular bags like the Speedy and BH are made in USA. There's no need to worry about where bags are made since the quality/craftsmanship is still the same. Some people just have their preferences. Congrats on your new purchase though!
  5. congrats~~!!
  6. Congrats!!!!LOVE IT!!!! I think that might have to be my next bag...
  7. It's a beauty, enjoy!
  8. Congrats on your speedy! Such a perfect summer bag :smile:
  9. Congrats on your new bag! Enjoy!
  10. Theres nothing like seeing a brand new azur speedy!! Love it!!
  11. Congrats! It is beautiful!
  12. Congrats on the bag!!!
  13. Congrats!!!!!
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats on your 1st LV Bag!

    You picked a very good choice for your first. :tup: