my very first LV bag (pics)!!

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  1. so, yesterday afternoon fiance & I went to LV on Rodeo Drive, so I could get my very first LV purse! It was *really* crowded there, but eventually an SA was able to help us. I asked to see the Rosewood in Amarante and *loved* it so much, and ended up buying it! :yahoo: Actually fiance bought it for me as his wedding gift to sweet! :love:

    Here is me outside boutique, w/ first LV purchase!

    A modeling pic!

    Picture of bag w/ my matching cles:

    Closeup pic:

    Fiance thinks its so funny that I can't stop staring at this soooo crazy in love w/ it! :nuts:

    oh, and in case anyone is wondering, my gift to fiance was HD Series 3 TiVo (plus subscription to package w/ 2 ESPN channels). We both decided to give each other our presents early since we were both so impatient. :yes:
  2. wow how nice! did u already have the cles?
  3. wooohooo congrats! that bag is gorgeous!!!! and it looks great on you...
    also congrats on your wedding... :yahoo:
  4. congrats!
  5. now that's a fiance that's off to a good start! lol

    congrats on your first LV!!!! :smile:
  6. Congrats!
  7. Wow! That's reallllllly pretty!!

    Love it! Congrats!!
  8. congrats!!! This bag is TDF!!!
  9. Gorgeous!!!! Congrats!
  10. yeah, actually i got the cles on I guess that technically was my first LV. :p but since it was just a coin purse and i didn't purchase it directly from a boutique (got it on e-bay, from another TPF member), i figured it didn't fully "count" as my first LV. :smile:
  11. gorgeous, congrats!!
  12. That is SO beautiful... you look like you had a wonderful time :smile:
  13. I love that bag, congrats on the bag and the wedding!!
  14. Congrats on your first bag! I Love Amarante!
  15. It's absolutely exquisite! Congrats!