my very first leather...s (emphasis on plural "s")

  1. Well, I went back to the outlet to get myself the white leather Ali I was pining over... The SA searched through all of them and brought me the two best ones from the back. I was pleased with one of them. I bought it (but am keeping the receipt in a safe place just in case I change my mind because of the mixed reviews of "upkeep").

    I'm kind of afraid now, though, because she instructed me to not use leather cleaner on it (like all of you have suggested also), but also to NOT use leather conditioner or moisturizer on it!! So I'm kind of scared... Do I go with what some of you have said and use the Apple leather conditioner or listen to the SA...? I also asked her if the white would eventually come off the leather (since it's obviously not naturally white leather) and she said that with extended wear the white will rub off around the edges and such and will end up looking kind of gray... Has this happened with anyone else's white leather Legacy's?? That made me kind of scared also.

    Then... I saw a cute, small rose colored leather bag. I'm not a small bag girl at all, but I thought it'd be really cute for when I go out where I really can only have minimal things. It's style number 10324 and the tag says Legacy leather flap: brass/rose. It was the last one they had left so I bought it so I can think it over. I love the color but need to think about whether it'll match a lot of my "going out" clothes.

    My bf really likes the white leather Ali but feels the rose flap won't match a lot of my stuff (and he knows I'm a medium/big bag girl)... I'll be taking it in to work to see what my co-workers think (I just did that today with my new black signature Ali - they loved it).

    Any comments...? Especially about what the SA told me (and she got this info from the manager because she didn't know the answers to my questions)?
    whiteali.jpg legacyroseflap.jpg
  2. Ooh, that rose is gorgeous! It was a rare color and sold out pretty fast. On the other hand, the white is also really pretty, so I guess I'm no help there! My advice is to get the one you think you'd use the most.
    I don't have much experience with light colored legacy leather... but if these items survived this long (they're from about a year ago, I think?) looking good then I'd say they'll hold up to reasonable use. White would get dirty easier, but you could probably use some conditioner on it. The rose might not be condition-able because it might spot with moisture.

  3. So do you suggest I put conditioner on the white one, like others have said? I just don't know what to do - listen to the girls here or listen to the SA and manager who said not to use ANYTHING on the bag?
  4. Don't be afraid of the white - at least the 2006 Legacy White leather. I have a white Mandy that I purchased from an outlet in less than stellar condition to start with. I came home & scrubbed it down with a Mr. Clean Eraser! Then slathered it with Coach conditioner. It looked brand new when I was done.

    The corners of any leather bag could eventually show wear even black leather. The biggest worry I have with my White is rubbing off of colors onto the bag from the clothes I wear. I'm extra careful with mine... I'm always checking it & with the smallest sign of color transfer I wipe it down with a wet paper towel.

    I'm also a big bag girl but I picked that same Legacy flap bag up awhile back in Whiskey. I don't regret getting it one bit! It's great to just throw my cell phone & wallet into it & go!!
  5. I used applegard on my white ali and it didn't hurt it at all. IMHO it helped it stay clean as I never had issues with it getting dirty. Baby wipes work great at keeping white ali clean too. Congratulations on your beautiful purchases!
  6. Gorgeous bags, congrats!! The rose is TOO CUTE!
  7. beautiful bags, both of them! :yes: As far as treating, Coach does tell you to NOT use anything on those legacy bags... I think they would want to sell the products so honestly it probably should not have anything on it.. but I have put some apple stuff on legacy bags I have had in the past.. I think it just is up to you and what you want to do.. it's your bag! You are going to get both sides tell you what is right/wrong. I think someone from coach also said conditioning it doesn't let that kind of leather breathe?!? Not sure.. but I condition mine! Good Luck, and Congrats!!! :tup:
  8. I have a white legacy wristlet and it is wearing off a little around the edges, so far it doesn't bother me too much though. I've also moisturized it with no problems....I even used the leather cleaner once but I don't think I'd try that on a bag, just the cheaper wristlet.
  9. Don't be afraid to use the Apple Conditioner on your legacy leathers. I have 5leathers and use it on all of them! I haven't used the leather cleaner, haven't needed to. Also, I carry a white legacy wristlet every day and that rarely gets moisturized and it is in perfect condition. Of couse, it all has more to do with use. The edges of my Ali are still white and the color has not altered.

    Also the conditioner is not a wax or an oil, so it does allow the leather to breath.
  10. entheos: Are the 5 leather bags you have from the Legacy collection? The SA was telling me that the leather conditioner is fine for their other leather bags, but not the Legacy's because it's different leather or something...

    Oh, what to do!!
  11. I can't really help you on the upkeep of the bags--my legacy leathers are black and whiskey and besides rubbing out a couple of scratches every now and then on the whiskey I do nothing to clean or treat my bags.

    I wouldn't be afraid to keep or use either one. They're both gorgeous bags, especially the rose.......shoot, I would keep the rose just because regardless of if it matched anything or not!!
  12. Haha. Yeah, well, I decided to keep both of them after taking them to work and staring at them... They're also laying next to me as I type. *lol* I'm sure I'll find stuff to match the rose with!! I've never seen that color for Coach before, it's very nice. And the white Ali... I'll just have to do my best to maintain it.