My very first Lady Dior!!!

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  1. I got this when I was in Sydney. I did now plan this purchase however it was love at first sight!!! :yahoo::loveeyes::loveeyes::heart::hbeat:


    Btw is it common to not get a box for this? I have not purchased from Dior before. I am so in love with this bag so I did not care when I did not get it in a box at the time but I was a little afraid of it getting damaged.
  2. Wow congratulations! It's gorgeous!

    With Dior, it depends on the SA. Some SAs will automatically give you a box, while some won't give you a box unless you ask. You can call the store and ask them to reserve you a box for the next time you're in Sydney again.
  3. Congratulations on your first Lady Dior! Such a unique and fun piece!

    As for the box, I normally do get one with my purchases. I would call the store to see if they can provide one so it doesn't get squished if you travel with it.
  4. wow! congratulations
    this is really eye-catching