My very first Kooba is here!!

  1. :yahoo:
    Yippee!! My very first Kooba purchase has arrived! A gorgeous Luggage Nicole!! The color is scrumptious and the leather is gorgeous! I do not think that the leather on this will be an issue like I've heard about the lighter colored Charlie!!

    Thanks to all of you I was able to get her on sale with that Revolve new customer 30% off coupon!

    I know she won't be my last..........

    You guys are a "bad influence"... in a good way!!:lol:

    (trying to be creative! lol)
  2. Congratulations! I am sure you will love it!
  3. It's a gorgeous bag! Enjoy it.
  4. Lovely bag, lovely photo.

    Congratulations to you!
  5. Congrats JBug! Welcome to the club!!!
  6. I LOVE that color!
    Enjoy your beautiful new bag & the great deal you got!!!
  7. congrats, great picture, too. ;)
  8. Wonderful JBug! That Nicole is a very pretty bag in Luggage and I hope it wears well for you. I'd spray it with some leather protectant to help it out. Hope you Nicole will just be one of many Koobas in your future.
  9. Thanks for the notes and the welcome to the KOOBA club!! I've yet to take Nicole out... kinda gotta get over that "new bag" nervousness or something! But look forward to this week!!
  10. ohh show us some modeling pics!
  11. Congrats JBug, and I also love your avatar bag too! [​IMG]
  12. It's beautiful! Congratulations.
  13. Congrats, Bug, that Luggage is a great colour, keep us posted on how it wears:smile:
  14. congrats! i'd love to see a model pic!