My Very First Invitation!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am so excited!! I have been making a list of what I want LOL!!! I get home from work on Monday and my DH pulls out this card and says you got something from Coach. So I open the card and see it's an invitation yay!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Congratulations! I'm glad you got one! Have lots of fun and share what you get with us!!
  3. I don't understand why is there a PCE in Nov it's usually in Dec?
  4. ^^I think it's the "We miss you!" PCE, I think. Or maybe they're sending them out early??
  5. As posted in the other PCE thread, this upcoming PCE is for those who haven't bought anything in a while, as a "come back" sale. The PCE will still happen in December for those of us who buy things regularly.
  6. What bites is that I don't seem to get the "you buy things regularly" PCE and I didn't get this card either. If it weren't for some awesome people on here I would have never been part of a PCE. I buy at the boutiques, the outlets, and once from JAX. I don't spend thousands but I've heard of people on here who have bought one thing from an outlet and gotten a regular PCE. There: I'm done venting. I've had a crappy week which was just topped off by tPF being down (like a cherry on a crap sundae). :yucky:
  7. I'm nervous that I won't get one for the "regular" PCE, and I've spent almost $1,000 since August at Coach boutiques. :confused1:
  8. I usually get PCE invitation in the past year but not this time. I was so curious and called my SA. She said it's not real "PCE" but a different event. It is by invitation only which doen't make me feel any better - I feel less's not fair to a "preferred customer".
  9. nope it's the winter event days. the card reads "come in and see what's new for winter." I buy regularly so I don't know how they would miss me lol! :lol:
  10. Congrats, can't wait to see what you get!
  11. Tanukiki, I have been a very good Coach customer for over 20 years, and the first I ever heard of PCE is on this forum! I spoke w/several SA's about why I dont get them, and some said it was because I was checked off as not to receive any mail from Coach. Dont know why that would be, but I know they tried to change that. Then recently anohter rather snooty SA told me "all PCE are different." Like some are for new customers, some are for customer who havent shopped recently, some are for frequent shoppers. I kinda shut her up by saying that it made no sense that I NEVER received even one invite EVER.
  12. I got a card in the mail from Coach for 25% off from November 10 - 18, 2007. I've never received anything in the mail before. Is this the same thing you guys are talking about?

    Sorry... I'm kind of new at this. LOL!
  13. Don't worry, Coach treats me crappy too!

    I have been buying for 5 years now and never get a thing.

    Since coming to this forum I have: flat out confronted SA's in the store about PCE, double checked myself on the mailing list, called online customer service, called corporate customer service. And still, no one will just give me a card to shut me up!!

    They all claim it is at random or by geography etc. I don't believe them.

    I just bought a lot this fall. If I don't get one for December I am giving up hope of ever getting one.