My very first Hermes..

  1. I have stepped into the orange side :heart:

    My wonderful Boyfriend accompanied me to Hermes to look for a Christmas present.

    I was really nervous and paranoid that the SAs would be snooty, but I was pleasantly surprised. The wonderfully friendly SA put me at ease and even gave me a reassuring touch on the shoulder at the end.

    I now have a little box sitting under my Christmas tree holding an orange globetrotter agenda waiting for me to open it.

    It is a bit of a big step as it is more than I would normally spend on an agenda, but I am in love.

    I feel like this is the beginning of a whole new love affair! :heart:
  2. Congrats, I am sure it is a step to the orange side.
  3. How wonderful for you. I love my Hermes agenda. What a great Christmas you will have and welcome to "H"!:flowers:
  4. congrats and enjoy your agenda. great color. happy holidays.
  5. welcome to the wonderful world of H!!!

    congrats on your new agenda...
    here's to many more H's in your future...cheers! :drinkup:
  6. Welcome to the orange side! Do post a pic of it on Christmas morning. Happy holidays!!
  7. HelloChloe, Congrats on your agenda. :smile:
  8. Congrats...wish i cud afford oen too!
  9. Congrats on your first H item! May you have many more!
  10. Welcome!! Congratulations on the agenda, I´m currently waiting for my globetrotter to arrive too, it´s beautiful!
  11. :tup: Great choice! Take pics when you open that baby up!
  12. Woohoo! An agenda in the official H color - Orange!!
  13. Congratulations! There's nothing like the first slice of orange...
  14. Welcome to the orange side! Make sure you post a pic when you open that sucker up! It sounds divine! Enjoy it!
  15. HelloChloe ~What A Beautiful Gift!!! Congratulations!!!!! Welcome To The Lovely World Of Hermes & It's A Pleasure To Meet You!!!!!!