My Very First H bag is a...

  1. PICOTIN!!

    You ladies had me convinced that I should look for one in potiron, but DH convinced me to get orange. Maybe not the most practical, but it's a fun color for a fun little bag! A big thanks to all the ladies of this forum who helped me choose my first H bag!
    Picotin1.jpg Picotin2.jpg
  2. CONGRATS!!!!

    You look great with your new H! ....And your dog- ADORABLE!!
  3. Congratulations cymbidium...your Orange Picotin looks great on you!!!
  4. oh soooo pretty! Congrats on your first Hermes bag! :yahoo:
  5. Fabulous color! Looks amazing on you! Enjoy in good health!
  6. SO NICE!!! LOVE the color!!! It looks wonderful on you!:love:
  7. Oooh it looks so lovely with your white blouse! It's such a beautiful pop of color! Congratulations!!! :biggrin:
  8. It looks wonderful on you! The color is hot!
  9. It's beautiful, and I love that size on you.
  10. so cute! i always love seeing picotins on others....i wish i could make them look that great on me!

    your DH did the right thing...that bag just screams for color! the orange is TDF :smile:
  11. CONGRATULATIONS! It looks great on you, cymbidium!
  12. What a perfect Picotin! Love it!
    :heart: CONGRATS!!!:heart:
  13. Cute bag & cute dog!!!
  14. Fabulous!!!! Is it clemence? Oh and your dog looks like a pom...but looks too be a pom? What a cutie!!!
  15. Thanks girls!

    Quinn's Mom: it's togo...

    My dog is such a camera hog! He's a German Mittel Spitz, a larger cousin to a Pomeranian. So, he's about 18 lbs. and I think 17.9 lbs of that is fur.