My very first GUCCI !!!!!

  1. i am sooo happy to finnally own a gucci
  2. wow $200. Could I ask where you got this at?? Thanks!
  3. I got the purse from craiglist......the seller first wanted 350$ for the bag so i decided to not purchased it after we first met up.
    then a week later he reduced the price to 200$ and i called him right away to purchase the purse....
    and to make sure it is real because i could not believe how cheap it was, i went to the "authenticate this gucci" and Beejerry told me it was real!!!
  4. Good for you. Since you took the time to hunt for it you deserve it.
  5. thanks lindacris,
    there are lots of good deals out there......just need to spend a lil more time to fine them
  6. Looks great...congrats!
  7. Gorgeous... my first Gucci was an abbey too and I just LOVE it... I now use her as an everyday bag... ENJOY!!
  8. so cute, congrats!
  9. Congrats! Great deal.
  10. Great bag and what a deal :tup:

  11. congrats on your first purchase. Awesome steal :tup:
  12. Love it - and what a fabulous price!!:tup:
  13. nice!
  14. Congrats!