My very first Gucci pieces! *pics*

  1. I'm an avid LV collector and always had a desire to get some gucci pieces so I chose casual chill pieces and decided on a messenger and the waist bag. I love them and will definitely be getting more!!:tup:
    DSC03619.JPG DSC03647.JPG
  2. i likey
  3. gorgeous! i love the waist bag, that'll come so handy when you want to have both hands free. congrats!
  4. model pics model pics!! they are really cute.
  5. Awesome! I find my Gucci messenger bags and waist bags so functional and I always get compliments on them. You really like using them.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. wonderful pieces! Congrats!
  8. i love the waist bag. i always steal my boyfriend's ;) hehehe
  9. Congrats! Love them!
  10. Congrats! I am a messenger person too! Enjoy them!
  11. I like your taste!!! I want a belt bag too since i have a 2yr old and will often need both of my hands free. Great Choices!!! :tender:
  12. love that messenger bag!!! :tup:
  13. Thank you all! Modeling pics to come soon. My 19yr old bro snatched my messenger from right under me!! lol
  14. Congrats, I'm lucky cos the messenger bug hasn't bit me. Not yet at least ;). Nice basic pieces!
  15. Congrats, great choice you made there, very practical!